Open Source Visualisations

As part of our attempt to visualise infrastructures for living off the grid in comparative global contexts we have used our ESRC Off the Grid grant to contribute to the development of a new open source tool that will enable academic researchers across the social sciences to build and publish interactive stories or narratives online.

Since May 2014 one of our research assistants, Hadi Mehrpouya, has been contributing to the development of a new online platform – CartoDb’s odyssey.js – by writing a customised template for our Off the Grid project. The template will eventually allow us to combine GIS data, interactive maps, photographs, video and text to visualise the stories of people’s everyday engagement with health and energy infrastructures on the Isle of Eigg and Knoydart, north west Scotland, in Madang Provice, on the north coast of Papua New Guinea and in the highlands of Orissa, India.

All new code (customised templates and customised actions built using a Javascript API) developed under the auspices of the Off the Grid project is being documented and added to an online Github repository for re-use and future modification.

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